Spiral Miter Gears

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Spiral Miter Gears

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Spiral miter gears are a type of bevel gear that is used to transmit power between two intersecting shafts that operate at right angles to each other. They are designed with spiral-shaped teeth that mesh together to transfer rotational motion and torque between the two shafts.

Spiral miter gears are commonly used in applications where high torque and precise motion control are required, such as in machine tools, printing presses, and robotics. They are also used in applications where space is limited, as they allow for efficient power transmission in a compact design.

The manufacturing process for spiral miter gears involves cutting the gear teeth into the gear blank using specialized cutting tools. The spiral shape of the teeth allows for a smooth and quiet operation as the teeth engage gradually and evenly, reducing noise and vibration.

Spiral Miter Gear Parameter:

Module: 2 – 5
Material: SCM415
Hardening: Carburized
Tooth finish: Cut (non Ground)
Grade: JIS 4

Gears that have been hardened have excellent strength and wear resistance. Secondary operations are possible except for the teeth.

Spiral Miter Gear Features:

  • Right-hand spiral miter 90-degree mesh transmits mechanical power between perpendicular shafts.
  • The spiral angle of 35 degrees better suits this spiral miter gear for higher speed and larger torque applications than straight miter gears
  • Low carbon steel (.2 percent carbon) for applications where the hardness and strength of higher levels of carbon are not needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Hardened teeth for 1:1 gear ratio applications where hardness and strength are needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Bore has a keyway and setscrew for use with keyed shaft
  • Stocked Materials range from steel, brass, and stainless steel

Spiral Miter Gear Advantages:

Smooth and quiet operation: Spiral-shaped teeth allow gradual and even contact between gears, reducing noise and vibration during operation. This makes spiral miter gears ideal for applications where noise and vibration must be minimal, such as printing presses, machine tools, and robots.

High load capacity: Spiral miter gears can transmit high torque and power, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. The large contact area between gears distributes the load evenly, reducing gear wear and increasing the service life of bags.

Precise motion control: The spiral shape of the teeth allows for highly meshing contact, minimizing rebound and improving positional accuracy. This makes spiral miter gears ideal for applications requiring precise motion control and positioning accuracies, such as robotics and machine tools.

Compact Design: Spiral miter gears have a compact design that allows efficient power transmission in a small space. This makes them ideal for space-limited applications, such as the automotive and aerospace industries.

Versatility: Spiral miter gears come in various sizes and configurations, with different numbers of teeth and different angles of the helix. They can also be made from multiple materials, including steel, brass, bronze, and plastic, making them suitable for various applications.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Because of their high load capacity and smooth operation, spiral herringbone gears experience less wear and tear than other gears. This can extend service life and reduce maintenance costs over time.



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The Manufacturing Process For Spiral Gears Typically Includes The Following Steps:


  • Design: The first step in the manufacturing process is to design the spiral gear. This involves determining the size, shape, and material of the gear.
  • Machining: The next step is to machine the gear. This involves cutting the teeth on the gear and shaping the gear to its final dimensions.
  • Heat treatment: The gear is then heat treated to harden the teeth and improve the strength of the gear.
  • Surface finishing: The gear is then surface finished to provide a smooth surface finish and reduce friction and wear.

Spiral Gear Application: